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VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK

VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK is the impressive imaging library for .NET, WPF and WEB
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18 December 2014

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.NET developers as well as software programmers can find a fantastic solution in VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK 6.0 to perform several operations related to image editing. Thanks to this toolkit developers can easily take up all kinds of images and pictures that can be added into web or desktop applications with perfect manipulation. With it you can view, print, edit, convert and finally save the images in PDF documents. It is a brilliant .NET library which promises a swift working platform in .NET Framework. Using it you will be able to load images from multipage PDF, GIF or TIFF files, along with several other image formats into a single image collection. The SDK comes with image viewers that are scrollable as well as zoomable enabling you to view the PDF documents in every possible way.

VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK enables working with images that has sizes up to gigapixels using its multi-threaded loading of images parts by parts. It offers multi-threaded thumbnail viewers where you can view the thumbnail images. Features like move, select, reorder and delete are made available with this tool to make the entire process of working with thumbnail really cool. Visual tool such as magnifier, crop selection, selection, drag-n-drop selection etc. are available that makes the editing features very effective. The preview option that comes with it lets you to view every small alteration and then print them without any problem. This software development kit also includes slideshow image viewer, editor control and image palette viewer. The application can also identify the images which are scanned by any OCR device. Lastly numerous digital image processing is provided by this tool like histogram, brightness, changing resolution, blurriness and several others.

VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK is an essential element that any .NET developers must have all the times. This utility deserves 3 stars on a scale of 5 for plethora of features it comes with.

Publisher's description

VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK is the impressive and easy-to-use imaging library for viewing, editing, converting, printing and saving images and PDF files in .NET, WPF and WEB.
Open architecture of image codecs allows to decode and encode images, get image metadata, use low level features of image file format, create custom codecs. SDK have built-in codecs for the following image file formats: BMP, DICOM, EMF, GIF, animated GIF, Icon, JBIG2, JPEG, JPEG-LS, JPEG2000, PCX, PDF, PDF/A, PNG, TIFF, multipage TIFF, WMF, RAW (CR2, CRW, DNG, NEF, NRW). SDK provides the ability to capture images from web camera.
Images and PDF documents can be viewed in scrollable image viewer, thumbnails can be viewed in multi-threaded thumbnail viewer. Image viewer functionality can be extended with built-in visual tools (magnifier, pan, zoom, highlight, rectangular or custom selection, etc) and user visual tools. Viewers are available as WinForms, WPF and WebForms controls.
Supports 90+ image processing functions (despeckle, deskew, border clear, blank page detection, binarization, segmentation, mirror, invert, color conversion, resample, change resolution, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, etc) and allows to create custom image processing commands. Also SDK contains built-in color management system.
VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK can be used as standalone component or its functions can be complemented with plug-ins. Annotation.NET allows to annotate TIFF, PDF, JPEG and PNG files. PDF.NET allows to create, load and edit PDF documents. JBIG2.NET and JPEG2000.NET are necessary for decoding/encoding JBIG2 and JPEG2000 files. DocCleanup.NET allows to clean up document image. OCR.NET allows to recognize text from image.
SDK contains pure .NET 2.0/4.0 and WPF 3.5/4.0 assemblies which can be used in any WinForms, WPF, console, service, ASP.NET application.
SDK was tested and has examples of use in VisualStudio .NET 2005/2008/2010/2012/2013 for VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET.
VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK
VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK
Version 8.1
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